By Kiyimba Bruno

The IAA business resolutions manager princess Maggie Nakalema has condemned youths for fear of testing for HIV and AIDS. She said this during the health weak workshop that is taking place in Kampala.

Princess Nakalema says that many youths do not want to know about their health status but only wait for the time when they are ill then they go for testing when at times even doctors cannot do much to save their lives.

She thanked the parliament of the republic of Uganda as well as the government for putting this event annually in support of the citizens. Still on this note, she blasted Members of Parliament who do nothing to help their citizens lives but only go there to request for votes. She says that these services are free of charge and a patient if found positive can only take care of some medical bills for diseases like hepatitis, diabetes, among others.

‘These hon members of parliament should go to places like the mild may and ask for the services. They shall not ask them a coin if invited in your constituencies. They are providing a service to help the nation’ adds the Princess

She advised youths to go and taste for whatever disease such that they can easily be sure of their life status