By Kiyimba Bruno

The anti malaria control programme manager Dr Opigu Jimmy has vowed to kick malaria out of Uganda by 2020. Speaking to the media at the golf course hotel in Kampala, Dr Opigu says that all that the ministry of health is fighting is total clearance of malaria from Uganda

He lamented that the government of the republic of Uganda organizes a service delivery model of getting the community aware and empowered. He adds that those who import medicines contribute to care of over 20 million cases of malaria from the country.

In this programme the ministry of health is going to concentrate mostly on the anti malaria drugs that have to be afforded by the local people.

According to the ministry of health, the target population is based in various categories of which involve, the primary section. In this section the main people are the pregnant mothers, as well as mothers of children of under 5 years.

The secondary category is based on the household’s heads since they provide for their families financially. The tertially group shall involve the health care providers as the special group being based on school going children.

Dennis Kirabira the executive director of HAI requests the government to print recommended prices of the medicines to the pack for sale as well as monitoring the prices and availability of the medicines in the country.