By Namugerwa Martha
After the demolition of Park yard market which happened yesterday morning many of the vendors ran to have stalls in Usafi market and Ham Shopping grounds.
This happened after the vendors were told to leave the market in 30 days but the market was wiped clean only after 4 days after the court order was issued to the embattled traders.
Now many of the vendors have rushed to Ham Shopping grounds to book stalls places for themselves.

It should be noted that this place can only accommodate 300 vendors only. The new working station on Ham Shopping Grounds was recently given to vendors by Hamis Kigundu of Ham investments who is being accused of buying the park yard land.
According to Kigundu, vendors are given three months rent-free and after that they will start paying pocket friendly rent arrears.
On the other hand Usafi market is also filled with Park yard vendors who also want places to start working.

Usafi market is also small to accommodate the many vendors since it is already occupied.