By Kiyimba Bruno

Power generating companies have urged the government to avail affordable power to the citizens of the republic of Uganda.

The companies that had a lunch fellowship at Hotel Africana exchanged various grievances that are faced with the cost of the electricity that is used for both home and industrial consumption.

They say that the quality of power of Uganda has improved  even though Uganda is still having one of the lowest per-capita electricity consumption.

They add that investors come to Uganda to make money. But when they find Ugandans disorganized, they then exploit them.

One of the speakers under the names Josephine Osiya believes that those who live urban areas have poor quality power which makes it very difficult to work with Uganda’s electricity and earn a profit.

She adds that power is always on and off. “Even a 10 minute breakdown of power will mean that even the plastic in that is being processed shall be frozen.

These people do not believe hat the power that Uganda has is enough. They say. “With all the companies that are developing day by day in Namanve, a new railway line to be made, any one who tells that power is enough is lying.

This lunch fellowship where power and energy companies discussed this was organized by Frank consultants ltd.