By Kiyimba Bruno

Uganda and South Africa are the only African countries shortlisted to play the 2020 walking football world cup in England.

According to the Uganda walking football association, the Uganda has clubs that are currently playing in the league of whom is the main target for the participant selection.

The game is only one year old and is proving to be growing at a very first rate. With teams like Ramaco, happy fathers, Kansanga, kiu among many more the league kicked off early last year and on 2nd of April is when all teams shall play to get a final winner.

Uganda is expected to play with countries like the United Kingdom which currently has more than 8oo clubs that are actively playing

The V.C walking football Uganda Mr. Mulindwa says that he is happy that Uganda flag is going to be lifted internationally in a game that no one could expect.

It is on this note that he called upon all sportsmen including retired players to join the game.

Other countries that are going to participate include Germany, Spain, brazil and many more