Luwero residents and the neighboring areas are living in panic after unknown suspected thugs dropped leaflets asking them to stay away from police stations and fuel stations.

Paul Wataka, the Luweero District Police Commander has confirmed the development, saying they have launched investigations into the source of the letter.

This comes just three days after a similar letter was  dropped inside the residence of Ssekandi located at Kizungu village next to Hotel Zebra in Katwe – Butego division, Masaka Municipality. It is not clear how the thugs beat heavy security presence at Ssekandi’s home to drop this letter.

The authors of the letter said that it wastime for Ssekandi to wake up and fight what they call dictator Museveni and his corrupt tribesmen. They say that it is only through war that President Yoweri Museveni can be defeated.

Cissy Kayiira, one of Ssekandi’s relatives who stay at the vice president’s home, says they found the letter written in both English and Luganda just next to the gate. She says they were surprised at how the thugs beat the security to drop the letter.

Special Forces Command soldiers that guard this home have taken the letter to Masaka central police station.

Vice President Ssekandi who was at his residence on Tuesday  declined to comment on the incident when this publication contacted him today, simply saying: “I have nothing to say about it.”