There is an old adage that says “money is the root of all evil” and this seems to have caught up with city lawyer David Mpanga of AF Mpanga aka BOWMANS Uganda who is said to have betrayed Sudhir Ruparelia to cross over as a Bank of Uganda lawyer.

We are told the money minded lawyer has deserted his longtime client (Sudhir) and Crane Bank and has moved on to work as an advocate for Bank of Uganda after pocketing billions which in law is termed as Conflict of interest. As we write this, Mpanga is split between a stone and hard rock as he has been summoned by Sudhir to appear as a witness in his case against BOU.

Sudhir also asserts that Mpanga who has been his lawyer for many years has no moral authority to challenge him in courts of law

“AF Mpanga advocates and MAAKS advocates have been my legal representatives for many years and I have shared a lot of my company secrets with them,” says Sudhir

This also comes at a time when Sudhir’s lawyers have punched holes in PWC forensic report on Crane Bank. BOU had earlier claimed that their forensic report on Sudhir’s alleged role in the Crane Bank saga was backed by an independent legal advice or analysis by BOWMAN’s Uganda.

Sudhir argues that Mpanga and 3 of the staff at his law firm are compellable witnesses in this case and therefore cannot be counsel for the defendant. He also alleges that his former lawyer sent him threatening emails demanding that if he doesn’t sign off a consent judgement settlement of HFCS 493/2017 to settle the case out of court, he would be slapped with criminal summons.

This case has exposed Mpanga as one who lacks credibility and mutual trust towards his former clients which puts him in the wrong fora and exposes him as lacking moral authority to work as a legal counsel for anyone seeking justice in the court of law since the Law of equity demands that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands