Its bloody in Kenya two people so far have been shot by Police in protests that have began in Kenya following Tuesday’s elections in which incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta is in the lead [54.3%]. His closet challenger Raila Odinga [44.8%] has refuted the results.


Raila Odinga┬ásays, “We reject the results streamed so far and demand IEBC produces Form 34As from all polling stations before any further results are announced.

Section 39 of the Elections Act requires IEBC to stream Form 34s on the public portal. As we stand, not a single Form 34 has been streamed.

NASA met IEBC during which IEBC acknowledged results being displayed were based on keyed in results unsupported by any evidence.

A credible process must have a dashboard showing tallies from all constituencies to add to a sum total. What is going on right now is a sham

Addressing Kenyans on the hacking of the IEBC systems using the identity of the late Chris Musando to manipulate 2017 Results.

NASA’s tallying of actual Form 34As from yesterday’s election indicates the Presidential votes so far as: NASA – 8.1m Jubilee – 7.2m

The fraud Jubilee has perpetuated on Kenyans surpasses any level of voter theft in our country’s history. This time we caught them.”