By Kiyimba Bruno


Talented beach soccer club has been one of the teams that proved to be stronger day by day as compared to last season.

This weekend they had a game with Nkumba but the way the game ended was all a drummer that left most of the spectators laughing.

Talented beach soccer came to the play ground with only four players  and were ready to give away free points to Nkumba , the lion of the jungle.

After finding the verbal boys from Galaxy, they were convinced that they could win the game of 4 army playing 24 men.

Two quarters were played and the game ended 2:1 in favor of Nkumba select bsc. However at the start of the 3rd quarter, one of the key players on Talented had an injury that could not allow him to play on. This meant that the mighty four had turned into three.

The law according to the beach soccer instructor Mr. Ali Mwebe says that the three can play if the goal keeper is present and in good health.

“the law allows maximum of five players on the play ground as well as a minimum of 3 players including the goal keeper.

To the players of Talented, the keeper was not a player any more. They believed that they cound not play the game anymore since they were few, they decided to abandon the game. And in the end result they ended up having sweated for nothing.

below are the results of the games that were played over the wekend in the beach soccer league.

National Beach Soccer League Scorers for 26th March 2017 
IUEA (2)
Tukamuhebwa Justus 2
Dalumba International (7)
Opejo John Kokas 6
Musa Mukiibi 1

Nkumba Select (3)
Talented (00)

Mengo Hospital (1)
Wadri Elia 1
Kabalagala Rangers (3)
Alex Mugabi Bazibu 1
Kabega Derrick 1
Isingoma Jonathan 1 OG

KIU (2)
Eshioke Isaac 1
Muftau Yinusa 1
St Lawrence (7)
Kalyowa Emmanuel 2
Ochero Sulaiman 3
Swalleh Kigundu 2

Stomers (8)
Ibrahim Mpengere 3
Luyirika Muhammad 2
Sserukwaya Denis 1 OG
George Okecho 2
Real Galacticos (3)
Dhino Ssali 2
Sserukwaya Denis 1