Tears and shock engulfed residents of Nkumba-Bukolwa, Bwaise zone in Katabi Town Council on Friday following the abrupt death of a 42 year old Construction Sand lorry driver identified as Patrick Sekitoleko also popularly known as “Patu”.

Reliable sources revealed that the deceased together with his friends visited a nearby drinking joint around Kasenyi zone owned by a one Brenda Nakafuma where he drank three glasses of crude Waragi locally known as “Crude” at Shs500 each at around 3 O’clock in the afternoon and shortly after empting the third glass, he collapsed and became unconscious.


Frank Katibe, a crime Preventer in Nkumba-Bukolwa was notified about the incident and rushed to the drinking Joint where he found the bar workers and some residents pouring human urine in the deceased’s mouth claiming that it would resuscitate him and regain his consciousness. According to Katibe, he picked up unconscious Patrick and drove him to his residence together with a friend who assisted him.

Shortly after reaching the residence, unconscious Patrick was laid outside in the compound to get fresh air while his family members tried to give him an oral mixture of Sugar and water which he failed to swallow. He was pronounced dead.

The deceased has been working as a Construction Sand lorry driver and was based at the Abaita Ababiiri “Bilorry stage”. He is survived by a 35 year old widow Cosy Nansubuga.

The Mpala OC Station Joseph Sekitoleko consoled the bereaved family and said that the deceased has been drinking a lot of crude waragi without eating food. He however stated that Police has embarked on investigations to ascertain the actual cause of death. After examining the body, Police handed it back to the family of deceased to embark on burial arrangements.