Makerere University Researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi has asked Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate, James Ereemye, to halt proceedings in her criminal case until the Constitutional Court pronounces itself on a petition she filed challenging the Mental Treatment Act.

The Mental Treatment Act was used by the state as a justification to have Nyanzi undergo tests to have her mental status ascertained saying she exhibits episodes of mental illness.

Through her lawyer Peter Walubiri, Nyanzi wants the case in which she is accused of cyber harassment and offensive communication against the person of President Museveni to be temporarily stayed, until the Constitutional Court orders otherwise.

However the application could not be heard today as she did not serve the Director of Public Prosecutions a copy. The magistrate adjourned the hearing of the said application and extended Nyanzi’s bail to 7th June 2017.
Before she appeared in court Dr. Nyanzi  posted an article that in so many ways resemble those she posted before her arrest and parading before court for misuse of the computer. Court had warned her not to engage in similar act.
Her post is reproduced here below:

Tomorrow is my court hearing. My big black nipples are erect and tingly with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. My womanhood is twitching with anticipation. My clitoris is standing big and throbbing, at attention. My labia minora stand tall in the rigid position of attack. My heart races and pumps hard as I prepare my earthy brown kitengi for the day!

I have had the pep talk with my children. I told them that I love them as much as I hate the illegitimate dictatorial government of Museveni and his family. I told them once again that it is our mandatory duty to persistently resist the nepotistic corrupt dictatorship until Uganda actualises the dream of regime change. After I hugged and kissed each of them good night, I repeated to them the real possibility of this being our last night together, as the fucked-up-state might throw me in jail again tomorrow. My children gave me three handmade bracelets that each of them weaved with knitting wool, as remembrance talismen. Each child tied one talisma onto my left-hand wrist. We prayed. They slept.

Tomorrow, I will be accused and tried for some of my writings and productions here on this Facebook timeline. Tomorrow, I will be accused again by an insane state that wants me to break and stop criticising their illegitimate and corrupt dictatorship under the misgovernance of a bunch of gun-wielding kinsmen. Tomorrow, I will stand erect again and fuck with the regime. I am looking forward to fucking up the dictatorship with mere words protected as statutory legalese and respected as jurisprudence. Who is fucking who in my court hearings? Tell me, ain’t I one helluva fucker?