UPDF Special Forces commandos have been deployed at Abriga’s home  after he told the president that his life is in danger Over his support of amendment of article 102.

Abiriga told the president that his life is at stake claiming to have been receiving threatening messages and calls from their constituents and radical activists over his huge support on the proposed constitutional amendment to get rid of the presidential age limit.

The legislator told President Museveni  that all his efforts to support NRM party Pakalast has been met with severe challenges with unknown people trailing him from Parliament up to his home in Kisasi.

‘’My life is not ok, I urgently need security to protect my family from such hooligans who can put our lives into danger’ ’he implored the president.

It’s from this background that the  SFC boss  was instructed to provide Abiriga with soldiers to  man his security.


It has been established that two remain at his home while he moves with other 2 dressed up in police’s counter terrorism Uniform.


Abiriga has faced massive pressure from a certain section of Ugandans who are anti -amendment of Article 102 (b) that is vigorously being debated countrywide intended to lift age limit of 75 years.

Radical activists recently launched a campaign and shared MPs mobile contacts, calling on people to contact their representatives on the matter.

Some civil right activists also believe that such legislators like Abiriga don’t deserve to be in Parliament of Uganda because they can’t independently articulate issues of national importance.



Activity around the rumoured plans to amend Article 102 of the Constitution to enable Mr Museveni to run for president in 2021, having already surpassed the current age cap of 75 years, is already frantic.


Apart from the video, social media is awash with many other initiatives.


Heated discussions are happening in a WhatsApp group that also has some ministers and ruling party MPs as members, for example.


The ministers and MPs, some of whom have publicly spoken in favour of lifting the age limit to the presidency, are constantly accosted by members, who are opposed to the idea, with the discussions often degenerating into open quarrels.



In another initiative, activists have collated the telephone numbers of all MPs in the 10th Parliament, on whose shoulders the decision to lift the age cap could eventually rest if a Constitution amendment Bill is tabled in the House with that clause.


The phone numbers are being widely shared on WhatsApp with pleas for people to call their MPs and urge them not to change the Constitution.


In yet another initiative, some Ugandans have drafted petitions addressed to President Museveni, copies of which we have seen, urging him not to change the age limit for the presidency.


Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, who could be charged with tabling the rumoured amendment proposals, was not in the mood to speak to us, saying he had no comment on the subject.