If we are to go by the document below, the president is giving away land to a one Kavuya.

We know Kavuya as a money lender and wonder where he has developed interest for farming. Is this land safe in his hands? We also know that Kavuya is Keith Muhakanizi’s proxy.


The land in question is government land which belongs to Ruhengyere Government Ranch which the government should use a center to transform Diary farming in the country and give jobs to thousands of youth.


Over the past 15 or so years there has been growing unrest in the citizenry around the country over issues pertaining the most valuable resource; Land.


There are groups of people who took it upon themselves to grab land from the vulnerable Ugandans and many of the grabbers are well connected people many of them in big public offices.


Ironically, the issue of land grabbing was getting out hand and posing a serious security threat to the country which pushed President Museveni to put in a commission of inquiry to bring the ‘bad boys’ to book.


However, as the commission was digging deep and deeper, it was realized that the  ‘men and women’ involved are those close and in Government; hence the cut of the funding to the commission.


Now instead the compulsory land acquisition bill has been tabled.

Are we are living in a country which has no order because one the terms of reference is to ‘inquire into effectiveness of laws, policies and processes of land acquisition, land administration, land management and land registration in Uganda’.


You cannot table a bill relating to land when the commission appointed to investigate land matters is still inquiring into the processes of land acquisition and hasn’t yet handed in its report! It is simply taking Ugandans for a ride.


Many Ugandans have been deprived of their land in resettling refugees in different parts of the country but no sensible government can choose to resettle foreigners by disturbing the peace of its own citizens!

Land is the most valuable resource which must not be given away like potatoes because every economic activity is based on Land.

President Museveni in the past has dished huge chunks of land to investors who ironically are not only capable of acquiring land by their own mean but should not actually acquire land for free!

Meanwhile, we are going to tell you who is failing the commission of inquiry by depriving it the necessary funds to run its operations.