President Yoweri Museveni has announced that the Government is going to carry out universal surveying of all the land in the country to ensure that land is clearly demarcated, well documented and computerized so that both private and public land is safe. He said that the exercise will go a long way in fighting and eliminating land conflicts in Uganda as well as protect and safeguard important environmental features such as forest reserves and wetlands from being encroached on.

The President made the remarks yesterday at Booma Grounds in Lira Municipality, Lango Sub-Region where he was chief guest at the commissioning of the Ministry of Lands Regional Office, the 7th of its kind in Uganda that has been built and equipped by the World Bank in partnership with the Government of Uganda. The Ministry of Lands Lira Regional Office is expected to serve the 8 districts that constitute Lango Sub-Region.

President Museveni described the computerisation of the land system in the country as a good investment in the stabilisation of land matters in Uganda. He advised all citizens who own land to have it surveyed and get land tittles and if resources permit, fence their land to ensure that it is secure both legally and physically. He pledged that the government will subsidise small landholders so that they meet a small fee to have their land surveyed. He emphasized that no land should be left un surveyed.

“You can keep your clan ownership of land, family or individual ownership of land but land must be surveyed and documented. Government reserves must be protected from encroachment. Land is an important resource; leaving it unsecured both legally and physically, is like leaving your food uncovered as it may be interfered with,” he added.

The President, who also used the occasion to thank the people of Lango for supporting and voting the National Resistance Movement in the last elections, said that as the entire country is now peaceful, Ugandans need to embark on meaningful commercial profit oriented agriculture in order to banish household poverty. He advised the Operation Wealth Creation officers to adopt the parish level model and ensure that in every parish in the country there are families that are helped to engage in modern agriculture so that they become role models to others. He said that government will continue increasing the funding for agricultural modernisation in a bid to get rid of household poverty and ensure food security.