A businessman is accusing Hamis Kiggundu of illegally occupying and carrying out works on Nakivubo park yard land.

Moses Kayongo of Futureland Ltd is accusing Kiggundu of allegedly bribing Government Officials and the Nakivubo Stadium Executives to grant him permission to redevelop the Land, which flouts an interim court.

According to this Act, once there is a conflict related to an agreement by parties, the court should halt the proceedings and refer the matter for arbitration.

The 54-year-old sports facility with considerable historical value, was pulled down last week by city tycoon Ham Kigguindu, to pave way for its redevelopment.

The demolition comes exactly two years after Parliament heard from the country’s sports fraternity that a group of shrewd ‘young entrepreneurs’ wanted to turn the war memorial stadium into a modern shopping mall.
The sports fraternity then led by Mr David Kyambadde from Uganda Amateur Boxing Federation told an inquiry into public land grabbing in Kampala that some individuals were working with Sports minister Charles Bakkabulindi and some members of the stadium’s Board to grab the land on which the prized stadium sits.
Mr Kyambadde then claimed the gang was bent on clearing all obstacles obstructing their ambitions.
“The history of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium is a great page in the history of our country. It’s of great significance to all Ugandans that the proper and lawful conduct of its affairs cannot easily be set aside or disregarded for the sake of personal and/or individual enrichment schemes and exploits in the form of Public Private Partnership arrangements…” Mr Kyambadde then told a committee of the 9th Parliament.
“So long as such arrangements are not in conformity with the provisions of establishing and operationalising the law of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium Act, 1953, they remain null and void or precisely illegal.”