By Kiyimba Bruno

A veteran from Nakaseke through Wameli and company advocates has filed a case over the constitutional bill amendment.

Jimmy Twase, the publicity secretary of Mwera A LC1 in Mpumude parish, Kasangombe sub county in Nakaseke District said that he did not complete his primary level hence cannot speak any English, yet the constitution that is being talked about is fully in on language.

Like any other Ugandans, he said that they do not understand what is written in the constitution yet it is their right to know its details.

“I have been hearing people talking about the constitutional bill which I don’t even understand. I think government should do like the Uganda bible society and interpret for us the constitution in all our local languages” Said Twase

Wameli Anthony, the lawyer from Wameli and company advocates said that even  all the amendments that are going on in Parliament should stop since 80% of innocent Ugandans do not understand what is being amended since it is in the language that they do not understand.

  He said that the government of the republic of Uganda rules people under too much ignorance an incident that has pushed all law activists to claim for language interpretation.

On this note he advised all members of Parliament to help the local people to understand properly what the constitution just like the way the lawyers do.

“For us as lawyers we teach people on what their rights are. So I do believe that even government should do the same.” Said Wameli.

He elucidated that the constitution tells the government to update its citizens on not only the constitution but also all other laws that it has passed.

“Every time government brings new laws but no one cares to teach them to the mass. Our government only knows things of immunization, giving out mosquito nets and the like which leaves me wondering” Added Wameli.

The case was received by the court registry at Twed Towers and any time they expect to be called for a hearing.