A section of Muslims in Uganda led by the Nakasero mosque publicity Secretary Habib Buwembo have sued the Attorney General seeking compensation for what they call “a violation of their rights” arising from incidents in December 2016 in which security operatives raided two mosques in Nakasero and Kiwatule in Kampala.

In their suit, filed before the High Court in Kampala today, the petitioners contend that a few minutes after midnight on December 27, 2016, joint security forces raided Nakasero mosque without a search warrant and made off with an unspecified amount of cash, computers, and motorcycles, among other valuable items

The group also want court to order the police to unconditionally return their property including computers, Islamic literature, money and case files that they claim was confiscated during the raids.

The High Court has not yet allocated the judge for hearing the filed application.