The trial of 14 Tabliq Muslim clerics facing charges of terrorism and murder may be coming to conclusion after the prosecution and defence lawyers entered their final submissions.

The International Crimes Division of the High Court has now given court assessors until Tuesday next week to present their opinion on whether to convict or acquit Muslim clerics accused of terrorism, murder and crimes against humanity.

The 14 men, who include the leader of the Tabliq sect known as Amir Ummah Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, are facing charges of terrorism and murder of prominent Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Ibrahim Kirya.

Its a legal requirement in criminal trials that before the court delivers its final verdict, the Judge in that case sums up the entire evidence on record for the appointed Assessors who simple lay people got from the public with no legal training .

These Assessors follow the trial and then advise the court, in their opinion on whether to convict or acquitt the accused person but the judge can choose to agree with them or not.

Lead judge Ezekiel Muhanguzi’s contract was renewed for more six months having clocking the mandatory retirement age