If you’re an Arsenal fan, you probably aren’t Jose Mourinho’s biggest fan. However, Mourinho’s comments recently shocked the footballing world as he publicly praised Arsenal’s performance against Leicester.

It was a big game, the opening game of the new Premier League season in fact, and Arsenal were under a lot of scrutiny. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Arsenal’s arch rival Jose Mourinho was watching the game, according to reports from Metro.

The Portuguese boss has been subject to a lot of criticism from Arsenal fans due to his undying hatred for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Gunners that he was watching the game, as I’m sure many managers were, but Jose Mourinho’s comments will leave a mixed reaction on the faces of Arsenal fans.

Why? Well, Mourinho’s comments were somewhat positive and this is something Arsenal fans don’t know much of.


In an interview, Mourinho said “Honestly, as a spectator and as a fan, I loved the Friday match [between Arsenal and Leicester], I have also enjoyed some Saturday matches that I had a chance to look at.”


After taking some time to analyse his league rivals throughout the weekend, Manchester United played their game last, and they took full advantage of it. They played West Ham United at Old Trafford and they merged as worthy winners.

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Jose Mourinho’s men fought off a new look West Ham side and won 4-0 comfortably with two goals from new boy Romelu Lukaku, one from Anthony Martial and the last from Paul Pogba.


The Portuguese boss won’t have time to analyse rival matches next week though. Manchester United kick off the weekend in the first Saturday match against Swansea.