Hundreds of people have turned up for day one of the free Yellow Fever vaccination at the parking yard of Mandela National Stadium.

The vaccination started today and will end on December 7. It is being organised by National Medical Stores (NMS) in conjunction with Mulago National Referral Hospital.

According to Esther Bamukunda, the NMS Assistant Public Relations Officer, by the end of the day they will have vaccinated over 2,500 people.

Unlike the free vaccination which took place last month at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds where it could take one about three hours standing in lines in order to be vaccinated, the one at Namboole is organised with a number of nurses handling different cases.

Witnesses say that it takes five minutes for one to be vaccinated. The vaccination is for everyone except children less than 9 months.

After reaching the entrance, one is given a form to fill and it only requires one to fill in only the details on his/her National Identification Card.

When that is done, one moves to the tent where the vaccination is taking place, and there are about 15 nurses injecting people meaning that the process is peaceful, smooth and organised.

After that, the vaccinated person is required to go and get his/her yellow fever card. The yellow fever card is amongst the essential documents for one to travel out of the country.