Marriage is not a myth, neither is it a magic. Marriage is a relationship that is to be consciously entered into. You don’t wake up one morning and find somebody by your side. That last happened in the Garden of Eden.
The rule for marriage by God is “whoso findeth” not “whoso prayeth” or “whoso his father or mother giveth a wife”.

Every man must find his wife, and the finding is not a spiritual process. You must open your physical eyes wide in order to find and access what you are seeing.

The journey of marriage begins with a proposal. You walking up to the lady you have chosen to marry out of the many you saw. You don’t have to beat around the bush just go straight to the point. “I want your hand in marriage , think about it”. Don’t go telling her, “God said you are my wife”. Each one shall find his wife and by himself.

Your proposal must be as a result of tour choice. Don’t allow religious leaders to cloud your decision and your decision should not be based on dreams either. Marriage proposal should be based on articulated facts, such as, “do we have the same goals? Are we going in the same direction? Do I agree with her personality, style and outlook? ” However, the woman too has the right to decide who she wants to marry. So don’t put pressure on her to marry you. When the response from the other party is positive, preparation begins.

It is a fact-finding period, when both party start getting to know yourselves. At this stage, if the relationship is not going the way it’s expected, then common sense demands that you call it quits immediately. Breaking an engagement is not a sin, many who tolerated themselves during their engagement period and eventually got married and thereafter entered into crisis. The preparation for marriage is not just in prayers, but in fact-finding to determine whether there is any future in the decision to marry.

it is at this stage you proceed to inform all those who need to be informed, but you are not allowed to inform anyone until you are satisfied with the available facts.

4. PROMOTE: at this point, you start promoting the plan for marriage. Taking practical steps towards getting married. It is a time to secure a house of your own if you don’t have one. Also, as long as you are in your father’s or uncles house, you are still a boy. One room outside the house makes a home.

Now that you are set for marriage, you must protect your destiny by protecting yourselves from defilement and rape. The honour in marriage must be preserved by preserving the marriage bed.Temptation is not equal to sin. Falling into it is what is termed as sin

it’s a time to say “NO” to any unpleasant or unacceptable issue you may have discovered in each other. If you can not understand yourselves well before marriage, you will never have an outstanding family. Courtship period is the time to do it. You can not be a boy and succeed in marriage. You must be a man with respectable opinions.

After all the above is accomplished, the final step is to possess your husband or wife and the home is born. It is a period where You get introduced to the parents of your future wife & later March to the altar. Its a point of leaving boyhood for manhood. The race is not permitted to begin until after these steps are satisfactorily in place.
If you are absolutely responsible for your choice, then you won’t look for someone to blame.