The Uganda Local Governments Association has issued a statement condemning the recent conduct of some of its members who poured water on the minister of justice and constitutional Affairs Maj General Kahinda Otafiire.

On Saturday, the Association  brought together all the district and lower local governments in Uganda which included district chairpersons, mayors, council speakers and sub-county chairpersons, to hold a consultative meeting at Namboole stadium.

However, some of the members became agitated because they claimed they were expecting the president as chief guest and not Gen Otafiire.

Mr Emmy Agaba, the chairperson of Buyanja Sub-county in Rukungiri District, said they wondered why Gen Otafiire, whose ministry is suspected of peddling attempts to amend Article 102(b) of the Constitution, was sent to meet them.

“We left our homes knowing that we were to meet the President. Then why was this changed to meeting [Mr] Otafiire? Besides, why could the President not send the prime minister, but chose [Gen] O tafiire?” Mr Agaba asked

They then forced him off the stage and poured water on him.

In a statement signed by George Mutabaazi, the president of the Uganda Local Government Association who is also the Chairperson Lwengo District Local government, the body says it deeply regrets the conduct of its members.

They have also denounced reports that the meeting had been called to discuss purported plans to amend article 102(b) of the constitution to lift the presidential age limit.

It maintains that they are nonpartisan and that the said meeting was constituted as a platform to provide a voice and advocate for the strengthening of the role of Local Government leaders for purposes of attaining the objectives of Vision 2040 and a middle income status by 2020.