By Namugerwa Martha

The first lady of Uganda and minister of Education and Sports, Mrs Janet Museveni has told medical workers and nurses to uphold the calling from God in love and provide the necessary care to patients in a selfless manner in whatever corner of the country.

Mrs Museveni said this during the release of the May 2017 Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations [UNMEB] results at the office of the Prime Minster on Friday.

4,326 nurses and midwives from 67 accredited nursing schools were presented from UNMEB. 3,112 were female while 1,214 were male.

“Health is so important for all of us and, the majority of our people who need it are in the villages, you shouldn’t shun hard-to-reach areas and uphold the calling from God in your motto, ‘to love and to serve,” she said.

She added that the improvement of the education sector is one of the key issues on Uganda’s development agenda. In this regard and the government is committed to undertake various measures that will ensure an education system that fulfills the broad expectations of an individual.

Additionally, Helen Kataratambi the UNMEB’s executive secretary said that there is a steady increase in demand for nursing and midwifery training in Uganda.