A SEX expert has revealed exactly how men can have multiple orgasms.

Most people think multiple orgasms are exclusive to women, but most people are wrong.

Stu Nugent, resident sex expert at Lelo has revealed to the Daily Star Online that men too can have multiple orgasms – by working the right kind of muscles.

He said: “While there are men who have very short refractory periods and who are able to get an erection and ejaculate again within minutes of their first ejaculation, this is only a small, lucky percentage.”

For the majority of men to have a multiple orgasm, they need to exercise their pubococcyx muscles. These are the pelvic floor muscles that are used to “hold in” your pee.

To strengthen these muscles, you need to do kegel exercises. These exercises, coupled with being able to recognise “the point of no return” are the two key factors to male multiple orgasms.

Finding your pelvic floor muscles can be done through stopping urination midstream or tightening the muscles that prevent you from passing gas.