General Kale Kayihura has launched operation wealth creation in Nansana to curb the growing murders in Wakiso district.

Kayihura revealed that by keeping the youths busy, they will not be occupied in drunkenness, drug abuse and indiscipline resulting in peace in the area.

General Kayihura also disclosed that police is going to pattern with Operation Wealth Creation to fight against the increasing crimes in Kampala and the surrounding.

The police chief said this during a meeting with residents of Nansana at New royal gardens resort.

Kayihura was a campaigned by a team of UPDF officers from Operation Wealth Creation that was led by Director of Operations Brig.Kashure Stephen.

Kayihura said that he approached Gen Sale who heads the Operation Wealth Creation and asked him to help in fighting crime by providing employment to the youth who are involved in committing crime.

“Gen Sale promised to send the team of officers on the ground and access the situation and now the team is here,” he said.

He said that they have set up target groups of disciplined youths in Nansana especially the crime preventers, boda bodas who are going to be included in the security system, because they can be good informers.

Kayihura added that unemployed youth leave their villages to look for jobs in town and when they fail, they resort in committing crimes like drugs, prostitution among others.

“OWC will help us by providing the youth with what to do such that they don’t think of doing the wrong,” he said adding that idleness is source of evil.

He added that they will provide some scholarships to young prostitutes who dropped out of schools due to lack if school fees.

He further said that police and OWC will start a loan scheme for boda boda riders and pay in installment and at a discount.

“I have already talked to some Indian company who sell boxers and will give us motorcycles at a discount and this will help boda boda riders to get their own motorcycles,” he said.

He further said they will provide some money to women and victims such that they can start their own small businesses.

Kayihura also said they will help some youth to get pigs, goats, and chicken at a free cost which will help them to earn a living.