By Kiyimba Bruno

Having been fame in the music industry, pop artist GNL ZAMBA has resorted his last blows in poetry

After poetic songs like Koyi koyi, kikankane, soda jinjale, lukka as well as other colabos like bad man mission which featured Young Mulo, he has been able to change the rhythm to poems like” dreaming in color “ also interpreted as “ Ebirooto mu langi”, in the Luganda version.

Recently GNL landed his first role as a fully fledged actor alongside the celebrated actor Darren Lee Campbell.

This was after falling in love with a Califonian girl who used to live in Uganda more than four years ago.

The pop star artist in his riddles of life, talks about the troubles faced by the people who take drugs.

He advises every one not to laugh at the street kid who sings under rain, bringing out the real life of an African child.

He adds that absolute power becomes corrupting absolutely, where he studies the heard and saw poetry.

“Imagine a world without hunger” says Zamba.

Currently the pop stars has unlike other artists taken on the like of great poets like William Shake spear, Charles Dickens among many more