By Kiyimba Bruno

Coach Bavuga Benon Mugisha, commonly known as Mugy is a volleyball coach as SPORT S volleyball club in Uganda.

The truth about Coach Mugy

He played football between 2001 and 2002. This was during his school time at secondary level where he had been given a football bursary at St Josephs Nagalama secondary school.

What chased him from football?

While Mugy was still at Nagalama, he realized that his fellow footballers could not have time to either study or do any constructive work at school since they were always on and off. He says that the footballers always had official and non official matches [bichuba] which could not allow them to concentrate I books.

It is from this note that he managed to turn from football to volleyball

Mugy in Volleyball

This gentleman began his volleyball on a serious note at his advanced level vacation when he was called for a sports scholarship at Kampala international university where he studied for free as long as he played volleyball for the university. This was his stepping stone. As he continued with this, SPORT S volleyball club saw an important liberal from the university and signed him as their number one ibero player.

His coaching career

Coach Mugy began his coaching career from sport s . he says that he was always mentored by one man called Warren Muhangi who motivated t\him towards what he is today. The reason for this according to coach Mugy is that this coach had right decisions as well as having skilled knowledge in the game.

He has been a coach for six years and for all these years he is a coach for SPORTS S and KIU.