By Kiyimba Bruno

While we recognize that child labor is a complex issue, we strongly note that firms have to respect the rights of children in their respective firms. Those were some of the words said by the Executive Director for Twerwaneho Listeners Club [TLC] Mr. Gerald Kankya in a press statement that he read this morning to the press.

In his statement, he believes that most of the children have not been given ample time in knowing and exercising their rights as human beings.

He said that ever since Hima cement stopped buying raw materials from artisanal miners, most of the children, who dropped out of school, lost their sources of income.

“The increased unemployment led to higher theft in the communities and also led to more school drop outs “Added Gerald.
on this note he called upon all those that are concerned more especially  government to take appropriate steps to ensure through judicial, administrative, legislative, or other appropriate means  that  children are not affected and their families  get access to effective remedy.

The CEO for HURINET Mr.  Ndifuna Mohammed believes that as parents get involved with children, the biggest role to make the parents fulfill their duty is meant to be done by the government.

“Government must put there life that can make the parents realize the potentials of their children. “ Said Ndifuna.

He advised companies to take the responsibility of eliminating child labor and also reintegrate the children back to school.

On this day they also launched a book dubbed “Bread for all”.

In this book they talk about the child labor supply chain of LAFARGEHOLCIM in Uganda and all the unresolved issues on child labor.

Mr. Ndifuna believes that this book shall help the government to realize the loopholes of the companies that come to Uganda to create jobs.

“Those companies come to Uganda to create jobs pretend to be freedom fighters yet when they reach here in our country end up undermining the rights and freedom of children. “Said Mr. Ndifuna.

According to the International Labor Organization [ILO], as of 2012there were still an estimated 168 child labors including over 85 million in Hazardous work- one of physical health.

Worldwide, approximately one in every 10 children is involved in child labor and in Sub Saharan Africa, it is one out of five.