Andrew Mutebi alias Musaawo Andrew, a fake doctor running an illegal clinic in Nkumba-Bufulu, Kisembi Zone, Katabi Town Council was on Monday arrested by Police over assisting a 25 year old woman identified as Maureen Kyasimira to abort her eight months pregnancy.

Sources at the scene disclosed that Kyasimira sneaked to the clinic in the wee hours of Monday morning and aborted the baby with assistance from Mutebi.

After successfully aborting the pregnancy, Kyasimira who travelled from Kireka and has been hiding at her friend’s place returned to the house and locked up herself after she wrapped the baby in a polythene bag (Kaveera) and dumped it in a pit latrine behind the clinic.


A school girl who had gone to the pit latrine for a short call before heading to school heard the cries of the baby and immediately notified her mum who in turn informed Police and residents in the area. Police immediately swung into action and started hunting down for Kyasimira who was found locked up in the house.

Police officers broke the door and smoked her out after she refused to open the door and cooperate with the Police authorities.

Police quickly rescued the baby from the Pit latrine and was immediately rushed to Entebbe Grade (B) Hospital for medical attention while the mother was taken to Entebbe Police Station where she is detained.


The Nkumba – Bufulu, Kisembi zone LC1 Chairperson Lumala Augustine Mulumba who was present at the scene indicated that after Police interrogating the woman, she claimed that her lover man dumped her after he ballooned her and since then she hasn’t been getting assistance from him.

Mutebi Andrew claimed that he successfully helped Kyasimira to deliver the baby boy and denied assisting her to abort the pregnancy. However a source at Police disclosed that Kyasimira rushed to abort the eight months pregnancy from Andrew Mutebi’s clinic because she was ballooned by a different man as her husband is abroad.

Meanwhile Police searched Mutebi Andrew’s clinic and discovered that he is a fake doctor with no medical qualifications or even an operating license. Police rounded him up plus his medical instruments and took him to Entebbe Police station where he is breathing behind bars.

The Entebbe Police detective Julius Wakuma confirmed the arrest of Maureen Kyasimira and Andrew Mutebi whom he said will be charged with attempted murder under SD Ref 03/25/09/2017. Wakuma ordered for the immediate closure of the clinic because it appeared untidy, shabby and in a very sorry state.

Olivia Muwanguzi, a resident of Nkumba – Bufulu, Kisembi zone who also assisted in rushing the baby to Entebbe Grade (B) Hospital said that hope Children’s Home NGO located in Ssazi Village, Buwaya, Kasanje Town Council has offered to look after the baby.