Many Ugandans have sold their belongings just to go abroad to be employed. Some end up in profits, while others in debts. At first in the 90s many used to go to the United Kingdom as others went to the United states of America. The common countries now days are Dubai, Abudabi,  Quarter among many more. The question that comes to you is what do they do?

Many of our Ugandans who in most cases are educated at least to an advanced level, normally end up as house girls, cleaners, drivers, Security Guards to mention but a few. Employment in the western world also has its merited and demerits.

However many cases of non paid, misused and cheated Ugandans have been alarmed by the government. Where in some cases some end up ding from there.

However the discovery  from Mr Jorem Oitit,one of the CEO of the external labour company  named “TRUSTIN COMPANY KITINTALE” is that some of these cases  are caused by the middle men or the company that is in between the employee and the boss,  Oitit says.

“I personally have been in the middle east as a security guard. What I experienced there, I would not want a fellow Ugandan to go through.”

Oitit continues and says that most of the companies that export labor are not certified by the government of the republic of Uganda. They give innocent Ugandans contracts that they do not understand since these companies are only looking at maximizing profits

These contracts are normally given at the airport as the innocent poor man,who had never stepped into a plane is just eager to do so.In the end most of the poor mans money ends up going in hands of a wealthy tycoon.

Today government has come up with a law that demands all companies that export labour to register with the ministry of gender, labour and social development. Here they are certified  and authorized to do the work after serious investigation by the ministry.

On top of this, the ministry has to first stamp into the contract that the innocent Ugandan is signing according to Oitit.

Currently the levels of unemployment in Uganda are commonly  youths of whom most are graduates