Democratic Party president Mr Norbert Mao, DP secretary General Gerald Siranda, Mr Hakim Kizza were arrested and taken to Central Police Station in Kampala on Thursday morning shortly after they had launch a campaign against amending the constitution to remove presidential age limits.

Before his arrest, Mao had already launched a pressure group under the slogan K’ogikwatako Campaign among the youth.

Mao was apprehended by anti-riot police headed by central police station division commander one Ronald who whisked to cps cells for interrogation.

Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed the veteran politician’s arrested added that they were going to charge with illegal procession.

‘’if he wanted to hold such campaigns in such busy areas he would have informed police to give him protection in order to stop people’s property from being looted’ ’he said.

“I don’t have any problem and what we are doing is very lawful. I don’t know why we are being arrested, we are only making sure the constitution is not changed to favour the current president in the presidential age limit bill,” said Mao.

“We are going to be moving for the same cause. We call upon all the people and the Police to move with us. We are not going to allow the constitution to be changed,” said Hon. Sewungu.

Mao’s campaign comes after president M7 highlighted that his members will intervene the moment other in disciplined members of the society keep their provocation on age limit amendment.