The Key suspects in the recent wave of murders and robberies that paralyzed the greater Masaka sub region has been Shot dead by Police ithis early morning.

Muhammed Kidawalime 36 years was killed by officers in the area when he went to steal at a home of one Resty Nakyambadde at her home in Mukoko village.

Kidawalime and Musa Galiwango who escaped with wounds entered Nakyambade’s home and asked her money, but she only had 50000 and they tried to kill her.

During the scuffle, Nakyambadde called DPC of that area who responded immediately.

Galiwango was inside strangling Nakyambadde while Kidawalime was outside over looking to whoever would come to her rescue.

Police shot and killed Kidawalime but Galiwango tried to take off but was shot and managed to escape.

The Greater Masaka police spokesperson SP Lameck Kigozi confirmed the incident.

“We shot him dead and we found him with some documents in his pocket and his body was taken to Masaka referral hospital as a hunt of Galiwango continues”.