What do women really want?

It’s an age old question and most guys are keen to know what qualities ladies want in a prospective lover.

According to a new sex study by Forktip.com, there’s three major things ladies are on the lookout for when picking a new sexual partner and unsurprisingly penis size made the list. Other things included

1. Communication

In our survey reported 62% of women said good communication would make their marriages better, half of men also agreed. When it comes to sex, communication is very important. By communicating better you can divulge what it is you really want in bed and feel comfortable trying new things with your partner.

The best way to get the sex conversation going is to bring up your own desires and see how she reciprocates. More often that not this will open up a communication stream and allow you to discuss sex more freely, leading to better communication in other areas of your life too.

2. Fantasies and role play

A bonus to better communication is discovering each other’s fantasies and fetishes.

Of the women surveyed, 40% of them said acting our these fantasies would make their marriage better.

And fantasies don’t always have to include bondage and whips, sometimes it’s just trying something new like having sex in a different room of the house, trying role play, dirty talk or a new position.

3. Longer foreplay

Over half of the women surveyed (58%) would really, really like you to spend a little bit longer on foreplay.

Think of it like act one, you can’t exactly have an act two without an act one so it’s always a great idea to make a good go of it. We know you just want to get to the climax, for lack of a better word, but the slow build up will make it all the better.

It doesn’t even have to be what you do in bed, it can be what you text her during the day or a foot massage you give her while watching your favourite Netflix show. Anything to build up her arousal.