By Kiyimba Bruno

The Citizens Coalition for Electro Democracy in Uganda has written a tough letter to the president of the republic of Uganda opposing the way LC1 elections are going to be handled.

They say that the LC1 and LC2 elections are conducted in a manner that satisfies international and national legal obligations, commitment, practices and principles of confidentiality of ones electro choice, anonymity and individuality of a voter. C.C.E.D.U says that the elections must promote rather than undermine election legitimacy and integrity while reinforcing the notion of popular participation.

Dr Livingstone Sewanyana, the chairperson C.C.E.D.U executive comitee says that C.C.E.D.U appreciates that democratic electro practices in Uganda are still affected by various national and contextual factors, traditions and limitations.

In the same meeting that took place this afternoon at the Uganda Women’s Network headquaters in Ntinda, Sarah Eperu, the F.D.C women league spokes person says that they are not against elections process but only demanding for the right things to be done.

She says that many women are not given a chance to exercise their rights of voting if they keep on going with voting by lining up behind the person of their choice. “many shall fear to vote candidates in their favor due to the presence of their husbands yet we need equal treatment” adds Mrs. Eperu.

Jocelyn Ekochu, the AG. Executive director CEWIGO says that their should be a clear guideline of the voters who turned 18years by 2016 to be given a chance to vote since they now qualify.