U WERE Hoodwinked TO Store Apparition SACCOS: K’LA DRIVERS’ Gathering Keeps in touch with M7 However KAMYA SAYS ‘UGANDANS GOT THE Cash’

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In a three page letter, Mustafa Mayambala who drives UTRADA (which joins more than 100,000 drivers in Uganda) has answered to the President how legislators in Kampala and some State House authorities are very nearly taking Shs500m which he as of late guaranteed to cabbies, conductors and proprietors’ SACCOs in the Kampala CBD. On 5th October, Museveni stayed outdoors in the Old Taxi Stop (downtown Kampala) where he met what he accepted where partners in the taxi business. In his association with them, Museveni (having tuned in to their issues) offered them Shs500m to support their SACCOs based at the separate stages in the Old Taxi Stop. Yet, in his three page dossier that has since achieved Museveni as of now, Mayambala says all the folks acquainted with him as SACCO individuals were imaginary people who have nothing to do with the taxi business. Mayambala says on that day, pioneers of the adversary taxi administrators’ affiliation (inviting to Kampala Pastor Beti Kamya) vigorously put resources into Kanyamas who spent the entire day whipping and brutalizing bona fide cab drivers, conductors and proprietors to guarantee they don’t go to Museveni’s open gathering at the recreation center. Mayambala says the savagery backers’ dread was that if these authentic administrators weren’t pursued away, they would challenge once phantom SACCOs were perused out to the President. Mayambala says the pounding was excessively serious a portion of the UTRADA individuals had their appendages broken and must be conceded in healing facilities. Thankfully, the cases were accounted for to police and on his dossier, Mayambala appends case reference numbers and names of administrators who were pounded and the particular police offices where the cases were accounted for. He beseeches Museveni to send his counter insight groups to substantiate this shriek blower data before the Shs500m is discharged to the sham gatherings he was tricked to commission. Mayambala claims that Museveni didn’t get much acclaim at the occasion not on account of he needs bolster in the taxi business yet to a great extent since coordinators stuffed the scene with individuals who had no history of the things he (M7) was looking at including coordinating the stopping of harsh duties to which taxi administrators had been oppressed for quite a long time. Mayambala says, in light of the fact that they are content with his mediations including coordinating summit level decisions in the taxi business, the veritable taxi administrators are exceptionally content with Museveni and merit an open door for another visit to the taxi stop where they will demonstrate to him their bliss without the procured Kanyamas being in the image to brutalize them. Mayambala claims that the taxi business has more than 100,000 administrators faithful to his UTRADA and it’s these that he needs Museveni to meet to affirm the high help he appreciates in the taxi business. He guarantees to assemble taxi administrators from the nation over to plummet on Kampala and show Museveni some adoration and all they are requesting for is multi day when the huge man will be accessible to rally out with them in Kampala. Mayambala says the individuals who hoodwinked the president to commission and take photographs with phony taxi SACCOs are sabotuers working for the restriction which he says has dependably profit by a cracked taxi industry.

Beti Kamya Priest for Kampala


But amid an appearance on CBS radio, Beti Kamya said she had been becoming aware of UTRADA endeavors to answer to the President blaming her for neglecting to work to perfection on the day the huge man mobilized out in the taxi stop. However, she stays unaffected and she says: “We wouldn’t dawdle contending with individuals like Mustafa Mayambala on the grounds that we are occupied with more imperative activities for this nation furthermore, what is the issue accepting a portion of those weren’t honest to goodness taxi administrators? It is safe to say that they are not Ugandans? Give them a chance to get the President’s cash to do advancement work since it’s not just taxi administrators like Mayambala that legitimacy being helped by the President.” Another authority of State House, a portion of whose representatives UTRADA blames for scheming to hoodwink the President, independently told this news site that Mayambala is an intermediary proceeding to utilize UTRADA to disparage individuals who had conflicts with his lord and coach Abdul Kitata in regards to the administration and appeasement of the taxi business in Kampala.

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