Miria Obote Basically Sick, Says Child, Jimmy Akena


The previous First Woman, Mom Maria Kalule Obote is fundamentally sick and presently conceded in the High Reliance Unit in Namuwongo Global hospital.

Wife to previous President Apollo Milton Obote is purportedly sick and in basic condition, as indicated by her child, Jimmy Akena.

Miria Obote was last Sunday, November 4, 2018 was conceded in doctor’s facility with a chest infection.

According to the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) President and child to Mom Miria, Jimmy Akena, the mother’s circumstance is still wanting.

“The medicinal group are currently surveying the likelihood of her experiencing viral Pneumonia and to such an extent that last night, ninth November, she was moved to the High Reliance Unit for closer monitoring,” Akena said in an online life post.

Akena included that; “The restorative group is working skillfully towards reestablishing her great health”.

He hosts declared the gathering won’t be in position to have this year’s Milton Obote Remembrance Lecture.

“By temperance of this circumstance, we won’t have the capacity to have the Milton Obote Commemoration Address prior planned for sixteenth November,” he said.

The UPC representative, Michael Osinde; “We are asking and trusting God for the best realizing that there is no circumstance that is too hard for him. We need our mum completely recovered”.

“The party took a choice to put off the remembrance address to a later date after our mum has completely recovered,” he said.


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