Bagyenda has promised to provide documentary evidence to support her 19bn cash, prime properties in Kampala

From her trip in South Africa, former Bank of Uganda executive director for commercial banks supervision, Justine Bagyenda, found herself in the office of the Inspector General of Government,Irene Mulyagonja to explain the source of her wealth [that includes more than 19 bn cash on her bank accounts and the several prime properties in Kampala suburbs] within a short period of time.

Recently leaked bank information showed that Bagyenda had Ugx. 19 billion with several banks including Diamond Trust Bank, Barclay’s Bank among others.

The two Banks have since issued public apologies over what happened but did not deny contents of the leaked information. They only threatened disciplinary action on their staffs.

During interrogation, sources say Bagyenda tried to explain her source of wealth but was asked to provide documentary evidence to back up her claims. She reportedly promised to provide the IGG with additional documents detailing how she earned her wealth.

August last year, Dickwitington Kimeze, a concerned citizen, through his lawyers, petitioned the IGG, claiming that he had information about properties belonging to Ms Bagyenda.

Kimeze claimed that Ms Bagyenda owns various prime properties, including condominium plans at Makerere Hill Road and Sunderland Avenue in Bugolobi and plots of land at Kimera Close and Balikudembe Road.

Section 30 of the Leadership Code Act, empowers the IGG to investigate and prosecute public servants if there is suspicion that they have engaged in any form of graft or have under-declared their wealth.