By Kiyimba Bruno

Afrimech Uganda Limited a preferred importer and seller of high quality used medium and heavy construction machinery into East Africa, is now set to take its Ugandan Team to Europe to be equipped with extensive skills and knowledge of the recent launched Ammann Products and strengthen the partnership in Uganda.

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Ammann Group, a leading global supplier of mixing plants, machines and services to the construction industry, with core expertise in road building. Its headquarters located in Switzerland, Europe. shall be teaching the Ugandans on how to use its products and then they come back to the countery to teach the rest.

Speaking to the press, the Operations manager of the company Mr. Charles Kavuma said that this is a great opportunity for the Ugandan construction firms to benefit from the improved new optimised products, time saving sustainable technology and ease access of other services like spare parts and operations directly in Kampala at competitive prices and terms.

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Also added that Afrimech iscommitted to continuously expanding both its customer base and product range through an improved range of services
Last year in November, Afrimech launched theAmmann product in Uganda where over 200 public and private construction companies, public government ministries, engineers, contractors, construction associations, media groups and financial institutions across Uganda were invited at Silver Springs Hotel to a combined good conference room for presentations with an outside area for the cocktail and Ammann machinery demonstrations

While asked to give an opinion following the current situation of employee strikes at the Chinese railway construction company in Kanyanya,  Mr Kavuma said, ‘’every worker has a right to demand for safety and proper working conditions and it is the responsibility of every company to draft clear guidelines to implement and adhere to these standards. No job is important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.