It’s a life long commitment, are you ready?

One of the most under estimated statements is that ‘Forever is a long time.’

Getting married is a big deal. It means spending the rest of your life attached to one person with whom you have to cohabit, share life changing decisions and include in your investments. One of the most important piece of advice you will get is that you should marry your best friend. This of course will make it easier for you to handle whatever trials that come your way. However, there are certain things a man ought to put to consideration if the end goal is to cruise through marriage life with a smile on his face. Read on.

Have a sustaining bank account

It doesn’t have to be millions but you don’t want to welcome a wife and a possible baby that you can’t feed in your life. While dating your best friend will allow you to enjoy a cup of tea for dinner when short of money, it will put a strain on both you in the long run if it’s something you have to endure every night.

Define your relationship

One of the biggest mistakes people do is winging in marriage. Have a clear set plan of how you want to do things in your marriage. What’s your health insurance plan? Have you planned for any incoming baby? Where are you going to live? What is expected of you as a husband? Setting these standards will help you find balance

It’s important to answer these questions before tying the knot.

Achieve monogamy

It’s the 21st century, no woman will let you play house with another unless she’s dependent on you and even then, you’re bound to have very rough nights at home. Marriage is a two-party relationship and if the plan is to last till death do you apart, then keep it that way. Don’t walk into marriage with baggage from the past.

play Forever is a very long time. (Courtesy)



We get it, it’s a life-long process but knowing yourself means understanding what you stand for and what you don’t. This will help you avoid following the crowd when it comes to dealing with issues. Setting standards on what kind of marriage you want to have will help you both not compromise on your feelings and your partner’s.

Seriously, prepare for marriage

You have to be ready to for the responsibilities that come along with wearing your marriage band. It’s a lifelong commitment and one should only take that step when they are mentally prepared for it.

Scary huh?

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great thing to be married but a lot  of negative things have been said about it making it very to confuse what’s wrong and right (Not that there are any clear set rules). The above points aren’t the answer to all your problems but they’ll put you in a better position to tackle them.