According to a research carried out by extra-marital website, THERE’S one thing women are looking for in a lover above all else – but can you guess what it is?

According to the latest study by extra-marital dating website Gleeden, women involving themselves in cheating are interested  in this;

The survey, which quizzed 11,000 of the site’s members, found that a whopping 68% of lusty ladies preferred youthful boyfriends.

And the number one reason for married women choosing a sprightly lad is, unsurprisingly, for the sexual fulfilment he can bring to the bedroom.

Indeed 41% said that they felt more satisfied in the arms of a young guy.

On top of that, 29% of the women admitted that they feel more attractive with a younger man because it boosts their ego and helps them to regain their self-confidence.

Finally 11% confessed that they simply find men their age less desirable.