By Kiyimba Bruno

Sheik Kifampa Siraje Nsambu has demanded government of the republic of Uganda to stop judicial extra killings and unconstitutional arrests of Muslim leaders.

Speaking to the press this morning, sheik Kifampa,the public relations officer of Jumuiyyat da’wa assalafiya mosque in Nakasero demanded for Muslims in government torture chambers be produced top courts of law if the have cases to answer. He continued saying that if the government fails to do so, it shall tempt them to think that there is a deliberate conspiracy to weed out Islam in Uganda.

Journalists and other Moslems during the meeting
Journalists and other Moslems during the meeting

He gave an example of the Mumbere who was taken to courts of law just few hours after he was brought to police cells. The time Mumbere was brought to cells was the same time as sheik Yahaya Ramadan Mwanje . Other Muslim leaders who are still in cells and were even brought before the Mumbere according to Sheik Kifampa are Secretary General Ayub Nyende, Mohamed Buyondo, Abdul wahab, Adbul-Mumin Sa’ad, Umar Ausi Kamoga commonly known as bus car, and many other Muslims but these have never even been brought to courts of law. All these were arrested after the killing of Major Kiggundu and his bodyguard.

He says that the manner of arrest in which the police and security agencies arrest their Muslim leaders is dehumanizing, humiliating, intimidating and unprofessional.

Arresting leaders at night in front of their families  in an act of hatred, and what he termed as terrorism  and disrespecting are not the right means of doing work. He continued saying that  Muslims are law abiding citizens who can be called out at any time to any security agency.