By Kiyimba Bruno

Many up to now are still stranded wondering whether they have crossed the line. they are still asking for the vocal point between the two years. where is the between the two years?

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As many eagerly waited from the churches, others were already in cells. some waited from clubs as others were on streets waiting for what next

in fact even in hospitals many were coming to the new planet earth.

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At Pr. Kayiwas church in Mengo, believers were just happy as their pastor urged them to pray for all religions since they all worship the same God.

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At Sheraton hotel, musicians  were booming. as Madox sung ‘Namagembe’, Messerch was already back stage waiting for when the raster is finishing.

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As long as Madox finished singing, Mesearch jumped to the stage in a style. it was the song “Njagala nyimbire”
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In fact  the more he sung, the more people bought the drinks. danced to the pick.

haaaaaaaaaaaaa…… Bebe cool was just praying for when this guy could finish.

Now it was time for another raster Bebe cool, he came up in style, dressed in white and black. His songs got up many. Whether black or white,  all listened to the Gagamel artist.

As soon as he finished his five songs, the Gheto president jumped to the stage.” Ndi mazzi mawanvu”. this made people jump,dance, and even lift chairs up. Bobby put them  in the mood that they had to wait for the Dr. Chameleon. the boy from Leon island. this is the guy who made them enter the new year. . why do i explain..?
photos explain it better