The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, has undertaken to lobby government for tax waivers on goods and services directed towards corporate social responsibility.

Kadaga, who was the guest of honour at the 2016 CSR Awards ceremony held at the UMA showground on Wednesday 30th November 2016, said that there was a need for the government to waive taxes on goods and services provided by corporations through their corporate social responsibility activities.

The Speaker said she approached a company called MedShare in the United States, which donated medical equipment to Uganda. Following the donation, Coca Cola International agreed to import the equipment on condition that excise duty was waived.

“I tried to talk to the Ministry of Finance to have the excise duty waived for Coca Cola International to bring in the medical equipment but all was in vain yet this equipment was meant for the health centres in the rural areas in Uganda,” Kadaga said.

She said that it would be motivating for companies that are willing to commit to corporate social responsibility programmes but are deterred by costs such as tax.

The Speaker said that she has plans to meet with the President to have taxes reduced or waived in such situations.

Kadaga was responding to a request from the keynote speaker, Emmanuel Katongole, at the CSR awards ceremony who pleaded for tax credits to be given to companies with exemplary corporate social responsibility programmes.