At the press conference organized by Gen Mugisha Muntu, the outgoing FDC president, at Hotel Africana this morning, many expected the former army commander to announce that he was breaking away and forming his own political party. But the reserved former army commander did not.

There was talk that moderates in the main opposition party were disillusioned and would make a new party in the next couple of days or weeks, and Wednesday press conference was seen in that light. In fact, it was broadcast live on some televisions.

With several MPs behind him, Gen Muntu offered a statement which didn’t read much different from what he has always said.

In fact, some analysts say, Gen Muntu wasted their time by hoodwinking them to believe he was going to say anything new.

Muntu stated in his statement that he work within FDC framework to continue putting pressure on the ruling party.

Muntu also said that he respected the outcome of the Namboole party elections where he lost squarely to former Kumi Member of Parliament Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

He however told journalists that while there are irreconcilable differences within the Forum for Democratic Change, he is still consulting on his way forward.

Muntu lost the party presidency to Patrick Oboi Amuriat at Namboole stadium on November 24.

He said the consultative period will last one month after which he and a group of party members shall later make a decision.

He said there was nothing personal about the intended consultations.

“We don’t intend to rush to make any decisions. We want to make an informed decision through a carefully considered process. Our colleagues all over the country should keep calm,” Muntu said.

He said politics was not a private affair because it deals with managing the public.

“There is nothing we are going to do in secret,” he said.

Muntu, who was flanked by a number of FDC legislators, said there are no easy answers to the predicament he faces.

On Friday after his defeat, Muntu said he could not stand being and working in a place where he is not trusted.

When asked today to clear the air surrounding this statement, he was elusive.

“At an individual level, I can operate in any environment .We have to persistently keep engaged with colleagues and the manner they so that they can change,”he asserted.

Muntu had kept many guessing on his next move , with many insisting that he is set to form a new political organisation.

That is why some of his supporters were disappointed today that he did not make that announcement.

Asked whether he could rejoin the NRM like some people have urged him to, Muntu said this was not possible.

“Returning to NRM is completely out.Whether in one party or two, we shall still be around this country,”Muntu noted.