By Kiyimba Bruno


Many people have written and come up with proposals of businesses that they feel can work out for them. Many of these have not even got a chance to penetrate the market simply because of various factors.

Poor  planing for business is a key factor that should not be under looked. No one is going to plan for your business better that you.

Some people just do business due to peer influence. They just see there doing something and the they also feel they can do it.

Few individuals take time to do research on what they are going to do. It is very bad to do something you don’t know how it works.

Now in a place like a university, the taste and preference matter a lot. You must know the kind of people that you are going to sell your goods to and what really attracts them.

Here are a few businesses that can work very well and are associated with campusers.

Hotels and restaurants.

Eating is a must to everyone. In a place like this, customers are automatic depending on how you handle them. This involves the communication skills,levels of both cleanliness and smartness.

Night clubs and bars.

Campusers are happening people who want to have fun all the time. A night club  free of entrance with expensive drinks shall attract these dudes to bring their babes in.

Hostels and houses for rent

Getting a place to sleep is a must for every university student. They always want to be near school,far away from their parents that they can be freely do everything. These shift semester by semester, meaning automatic cash inflow to your business


Every hot babe or dude would like to dress up with the best fashions in the country. This is regardless of whether they are working or not. They are always on competition to see who has the best outfit.

Lastly for today is a stationary

Everything these people do is stationary oriented. They photocopy, scan, typewrite, internet and off course since they are students, they shall need text books and hand outs

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