Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom wants the President’s Office to investigate activities of the Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs, Major Roland Kakooza Mutale in the Kingdom. Mutale has pitched camp in Bunyoro since July 15 on a security operation he claims to have been sanctioned by the President’s Office.

However, in a July 20th statement, Bunyoro Prime Minister, Norman Lukumu accuses Mutale of besieging the King and engaging in provocative activities against the cultural institution. He cites an incident last week where Mutale reportedly attempted to access the Omukama’s palace with his armed escorts but was blocked by the King’s military guards.

After failing to access the palace, Mutale reportedly stormed the office of the Prime Minister, where they had a meeting lasting for about four hours. Lukumu says during the meeting, Mutale claimed to have rushed to Bunyoro on a special invitation from the Omukama to handle Kingdom land matters, deploy his guards on the Kingdom land and also take charge of the King’s security.

On Wednesday, the Kingdom cabinet held a special meeting to discuss Mutale’s activities. The cabinet resolved that the retired army officer refrains from meddling in the Kingdom affairs. The meeting also asked the President’s Office to investigate Mutale’s activities because of his suspicious claims. The Kingdom has threatened to engage Mutale’s superiors or seek legal redress, should he continue meddling in the Kindgom activities.

On Monday, Mutale clashed with Hoima district security authorities, who accused him of conducting illegal operations in the region. Mutale is yet to speak to the media about his operations in the region. Some kingdom insiders believe Mutale is being used by self-seekers and those opposed to the current Prime Minister, Norman Lukumu. Mutale is a known friend of Bunyoro Kingdom and a close associate of King Solomon Gafabusa Iguru.

In 2012 Mutale accompanied the King when he stormed Parliament to demand the share of his kingdom from the oil exploration activities. In the same year, Mutale showed up as part of the team appointed by Bunyoro Kingdom to interface with the Natural Resources Committee of parliament in Hoima town but was thrown out by the committee.

He is also a regular visit at the Kingdom’s annual Empango event, where he is recognised as a friend of the Kingdom.