Minister for Kampala, Beti Kamya, has banned tricycles from operating as commercial public transport means.


Addressing media today at her office, the minister said Tuku tuku’s are not licensed to carry passengers but are only licensed to operate in industrial areas to carry goods. She directed Traffic Police to impound them and arrest the operators.


In her directive, the Minister asked traffic police to arrest all tricycle riders commonly known as Tuku tuku that will be found involving in commercial passenger business.


“I have just had a meeting with the commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police and we have agreed to deploy Policemen to arrest tricycles operating in the commercial passenger transport business,” Kamya said.


Tukutuku drivers have on several occasions crushed with other transporters especially taxi Drivers and the most recent was today morning along the Nateete Nakawuka road.


Meanwhile, the minister has also tasked police in one week to give her a report on the various violence that have been going on between taxi Drivers and the real master minders to see if they have been brought to book.


She also directed Police in the Kampala Metropolitan area to compile a report on the perpetrators of violence in the transport industry for appropriate action because they can longer be accommodated in the city.


“I have asked for a comprehensive report including the perpetrators, aggressors and whether Police cases have been filed because we hear cases where culprits are released.

I’m therefore sending a strong warning to people who have been benefiting from this insecurity,” Kamya said.