By Kiyimba Bruno

The executive director of the Uganda cancer society Mr. Ebusu Paul has warned youths on how bad cancer can be as a disease.

Speaking to the press this afternoon at the fairway hotel Kampala, Mr. Ebusu said that people should learn how to do regular check ups so that they can easily be aware of their lives.

He adds that many people only go to hospitals when they are sick and actually forget that if they know the disease before it attacks, at least medicine can easily prevent the side effects.

Among the activities that they are going to have this weak involve giving all working materials that can make the public aware that cancer exists. Such materials include books, calenders, conciling guidelines among many more.

On Friday 3rd February, the Uganda cancer Society shall launch officially the cencer awareness to he public and they shall remember the world cancer day. The ceremony of the launch shall be at fairway hotel Kampala.