By Kiyimba Bruno

Former minister for integrity Hon Miria Matembe has advised the opposition that they can also speak to president Museveni. Matembe feels sorry for Ugandans who think that not agreeing with president Museveni means hating him.

Speaking to the press in Kampala, Matembe said that some Ugandans were deceived that  opposition does not have to speak with the president, an issue she opposes. She says that the president is for all Ugandans and not only for people of  the NRM party.

These follows various opposition leaders who have continuously approached her to remove her trust from the president and they fail. Reason being they did not fulfill what they promised the masses during elections.

It is from this note that Matembe  advised them talk to the president, insisting that Uganda is not a nation of hatred. She said that opposition must learn to work together  with the leaders that they have currently.