By Kiyimba Bruno


Numerous  women through action aid  have come up th be educated on the need for them to own land. This has been through the various discussions held today at hotel Africana.

Speaking about the  challenges women find with their land, it was discovered that many men sell and lease land for women without consent of their wives plus delayed access to production resources like farm inputs for instance oxen ploughs.

Generally,  women  in Uganda do not own land on equal basis with men and there is no consensus as to whether women ought to own, access and control land or not.

This is because, effective statutory laws protecting land, inheritance and property rights of women including the widowed, divorced, separated or those in co-habitation are critically missing.

The Government has been very slow to improve legal equality between women and men through legislating on family laws that would increase gender equality that would in turn increase women’s access to matrimonial property and inheritance rights.

Action aid has previously been empowering women through activities which involved the ride to mountain Kilimanjaro to express how ladies feel about their land rights.

Among the activities that were done included women riding bicycles in distant journeys; Kampala to Mukono was the first journey, then Jinja to Iganga and many more.